Trademark Noble Pet was founded in 2014.

Company produces products for dogs and cats, among which the beds, clothes and bags to transport animals. The modern and interesting design, combined with vivid colors and excellent quality products distinguish Noble Pet from the rest. Noble Pet offers a solution that will make your pet’s rest comfortable and luxurious. All products made from carefully selected hard wear-resistant materials. All products are designed to meet the needs of your pets, as well as to provide them maximum comfort and safety.

We ensure that any products Noble Pet bring you joy and your pet for a long time.

Philosophy Noble Pet – the quality of each product, combined with attractive design, practicality and durability.


Our products distinguish

for originality of form and color


Our products provide

the best conditions for your pet


All materials that we use are harmless to animals

High Quality

Our products are made

of strong durable materials


The materials are resistant

to dirt and damage